Pelican Insurance



We are a Kenyan incorporated insurance broker with over 45 years experience in providing insurance brokerage and risk management advisory services to our clients. We aim to raise the bar in the insurance industry by providing excellent services and ensuring the needs of our clients are met. We are certified members of AIBK,IIK, and regulated by the Insurance regulatory Authority.

Pelican Insurance Brokers (K) Limited was incorporated in


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Our Mission

To provide effective consultancy services on insurance and risk management. 

Our Vision

To become a global leader in the provision of effective consultancy services on insurance and risk management.

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We are driven by satisfying our customer’s needs and expectations.
We believe in upholding ethical conduct towards all our stake-holders.
We believe in continuously equipping ourselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable us serve our customers better.
We believe in working together towards achieving our common purpose.

We are committed to participating in activities that are beneficial to society.

Our Awards

We celebrate our achievements! They remind us of the contributions we make to society and the pride our employees take in being part of us.