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Health Care

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Medical Insurance

This policy provides cover for hospitalization as a result of injury or illness. The policy has two options namely inpatient and outpatient. 

  •  Inpatient  

This is the care of patients whose condition requires admission to a hospital. Patients are only admitted to a hospital when they are extremely ill or have severe physical trauma which requires close medical attention. The Inpatient covers hospitalization/admission either in a private room or General ward. It is mandatory for you to take the inpatient in a medical policy. 

  •  Outpatient  

This includes any medical or surgical care performed in a hospital where your doctor does not anticipate the need for an overnight hospital stay. In rare situations, you may be admitted to the hospital for the night but not as an inpatient (this would be considered outpatient service) 

 To quote on this class we will require the ages, benefits, and limits desired. Get in touch with us

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