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Group life insurance policy has become a favored kind of life insurance protection for organizations, professional groups, and housing societies.

The Loss of Profit policy (also known as business interruption cover) compensates for profits lost as a consequence of fire damage to insured property.

The guiding principle is forceful entry into or exit from the premises, implying that the premises must be broken into or someone forcedly exiting. 

The Group Personal Accident (GPA) is a corporate or institutional policy that compensates for injuries, incapacity, or death caused by violent, accidental, external, and visible incidents. 

This policy protects employers from legal liability (under Common Law), for damages, and claimant’s costs and expenditures arising from employee litigation.

The Public Liability protects an insured individual or organization against their legal liability to members of the public (third parties).

WIBA, or Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance, is mandatory insurance needed by all companies under the Work Injury Benefits Act, which was enacted in Kenyan Parliament in 2007.

Designed to provide a company with a one-stop shop for employee insurance with extended 24-hour coverage.