Pelican Insurance


We advocate for sustainable investment that stimulate economic growth.

This policy protects the machinery insured against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage. 

Machinery failure in the industrial business can result in exceptional losses and/or damage, which can be insured.

Greenhouses are a huge investment since a lot of technology and equipment go into the works.

Food security is a crucial component of our national development, and farmers are at the heart of this life-saving endeavor.

These are guarantees that may from time to time be required by other parties to be executed by an insurance company to certify that the insured will observe or maintain a certain state of affairs.

Financial institutions are vulnerable to criminal financial loss, such as employee theft, embezzlement, forgeries, hold-ups, and fraud

This cover is suitable for electronic items found in an office environment or in hospitals, as well as electronic items that are commonly found in heavy industrial set ups.

In case your business is robbed, and the thief is never found, you can still get your money back through this insurance.